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Putting value on connection, ​from concept to “final fitting”

Working with Cristian means having an extension of ​your team that understands your vision and uses ​words to make it a reality.

Meet the Founder

Cristian Hristea

From a burning passion for writing, Cristian’s journey started as a freelance writer on the Fiverr platform.

In the span of three years, he learned how to refine his abilities to create powerful stories through the use of elegant and evocative language.

Then, Bespoke Writings was born.

Using his natural eye (as well as passion) for details, and his vast arsenal of words combined with silky storytelling, Cristian is keen on forming authentic connections based on the commitment to one goal: bringing your vision to life.

What he’s into:

What he’s over:

BOOKS (!!)

Superficial content

Learning Japanese

The word “elevate”

Leaving dreams as ​unfulfilled ideas

The fine art of being a Gentleman

By Cristian Hristea

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